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"Write the vision, make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it".                  Hab 2:2

Site updated: 12 Jan 2015

Our NEW SITE is being uploaded now. For those that understand what being a Firstfruit, the Bride of Christ means, this is the site that provides all the information.

A new book: Hebrews – The Melchisedec Order and the Wave Sheaf Offering is featured.

Parallel Scripture Chart

Free download PDF
(NB. This is a large, very comprehensive chart: 4 A3 size pages that would normally join together as a 1metre long wall chart. It can be viewed simply enough as single pages).

One thing was clear at the Christian Resources Exhibition. Our new Parallel Scripture Chart received such a positive response we had to sit up and figure how we could use it to everyone's best advantage. A website based on the same approach is (slowly) on its way. That has kept us busy for the last few weeks, hence no new articles. (Wrote the new book instead. Sorry for delay)

Nelleke with chart in backgroundNelleke with the new Parallel Scripture Chart for the Day of the Lord in the background


New book For Ever and Ever

Recent Updates...

Michael Storey is now producing bronze sculptures based on scripture. One-off (not editions) casts can be commissioned for awards and gifts etc. More information on his dedicted site Bible in Bronze

Michael is an internationaly known wildlife sculptor.

About R & R...


What does God expect from us? Christ says: 
And he that taketh not his cross, and followeth after me, is not worthy of me.
This indicates, as always for God’s people, there is a big task ahead.
Read & Run are here to fill in the detail; we ‘make it plain so you can run with it’.





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200 'End Time' scriptures explained. Click on navigation bar above for subjects.

On each page detailed articles are also available.
Below are a selection of articles with direct links.
Shown in order of popularity.



NOW FOR THE GOOD NEWS...lion and lambs paintingWhat is the purpose of the 'end time'? Why so much anguish and destruction? Behind everything that God does stands a 'good' reason.
The Millennium

The Gospel of the Kingdom of God.

What is the connection between the 'gospel' the 'kingdom' and the 'millennium'?

The second chapter of our new book is available to read now. It deals specifically with the subject of the kingdom of God. Chapter 2

The gospel Christ and the disciples came with and the Millennium are going to feature much more predominently on this sight. We need to clearly understand the full purpose and intent of the 'Day of the Lord'.




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Digital magazines are a new and yet 'traditional' way of studying information.

World Events: The Middle East.
The Day of the Lord is another step closer with the unrest in the Middle East. Five components need to be in place. The fifth is taking shape now.

cover of magazine

The King of the South

Issue Two
This give a clear and concise explanation of the Toolkit in magazine format with pictures.

issue two magazine cover

The Toolkit explained

Issue One

thumnail for magazine

Who Was The Second Disciple On The Road To Emmaus?

A practical demonstration for finding a lot more information in your bible than you thought might have been there. This is how the whole subject of the Return of Christ is studied by Read and Run.


For Ever and For Ever book cover



The world is in turmoil. In a few short years not enough food will be available to feed everyone. The world's financial system is top heavy and overdue for correction. China is set to take the lead as the new Superpower. Soon we could be flying to Mars. People could live to be a thousand years old.

Is this the world the bible has been predicting?

Or will Christ return first?

PDF file for download
Read as Digital Magazine



The End Time TOOLKIT

How can you prove the correct details for the Return of Christ?
The Bible End Time Toolkit is the answer.
We have taken every event to do with the return of Christ from one end of the bible to the other. This is a collection of 200 sets of scriptures that can be used as a very comprehensive checklist. Somewhere, every one of these scriptures must be accounted for. If an idea, book or theory cannot accommodate these scriptures then there is an obvious problem. The 200 scriptures are printed on individual cards. This allows them to be ‘shuffled’ to check the various possibilities for timing. When you lay the events out, obvious contradictions become much clearer.
These cards are a free download from this site in two formats. To be printed as colour coded cards as we supply the kit, or as a ‘word’ format document listing the scriptures.The 200 scriptures are broken down into subjects which are colour coded providing a quick and efficient study tool.

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We could choose a clock as an analogy. Assembled with hundreds of individual pieces, every one of them must be in the exact correct place for it to work. Just one piece missing or out of place will result in a malfunction.
This is how it is with the End Time and return of Christ. Every single event in the bible must be accounted for to be certain that a correct representation is being created.
We demonstrate how they all fit together in a cohesive whole without contradiction. No bits left out. No extras thrown in.

In seven years of presenting this material to Church groups and individuals, not one biblical contradiction has been demonstrated.
See Toolkit